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About Agriflight

Agriflight's mission is to develop the use of UAS (or drones) in agriculture as well as provide topography and photogrammetry services.

This technology is booming but not always easy to access due to its technical complexity and evolving legislation. On the other hand, the latest technological leaps mean that the public does not always know or recognize the added value of drones. It's only a matter of time...


Agriflight was born from a close collaboration between Arnaud Laurencin - passionate about both technology and agriculture - and the Ferme de la Sarte, established since 1980 in Grez-Doiceau and very invested in conservation and precision agriculture. And it is precisely in these areas that drones have their part to play.

Arnaud Laurencin has studies Business Administration and Applied Geomatics. After a few years spent working in large companies in Brussels, he became interested in agriculture. He then worked for 4 years on different farms and trained in France. In 2021, he discovered the specialized applications of drones in agriculture and decided to devote himself to it full time.


Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

See you soon,


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