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What means do we use?


DJI Mavic 3 Multispectral:

This drone has a wide-angle sensor for photogrammetry as well as 4 multispectral sensors that measure specific parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. This allows, among other things, to better see and measure the growth of plants. This drone can also work in tandem with the T30 by providing it with prescription maps for variable application.

DJI Mavic 3 Thermal:

This small drone is equipped with a thermal camera as well as a classic RGB camera. The thermal camera can capture thermal infrared waves for a wide variety of applications. It is also equipped with an RTK antenna for ultra-precise data.


DJI Agras T30:

This drone is much larger than the previous two. It allows liquids to be sprayed over 9 meters thanks to its on-board 30L container and its 16 interchangeable nozzles (same system as on conventional agricultural sprayers). It also allows granules or seeds to be spread over a maximum of 14 meters by replacing the liquid tank with a 40kg tank with rotating disc (similar to the systems used on agricultural quads).

To fly legally, this drone must obtain specific authorization. Agriflight has obtained this authorization and is currently the only provider in Belgium to offer this service.


< 40L pellet tank and its spreading disc underneath.


Calibration and precision equipment:

To measure ground control points and calibrate multispectral cameras.

calibrated reflectance panel img.jpg

Processing software:

The main software we use are:


Metashape Pro


Emlid Flow

Emlid Studio

Cloud Compare

Davinci Resolve

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