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Products & services

With our experience in the field and our agricultural expertise, we offer various services:


Agricultural work

- Sowing green fertilizers (ex clovers)

- Sowing crops (ex mustard)

- Sowing of meadows (mixtures of legumes and grasses)

In the near future we hope to offer:

- white painting of agricultural buildings

- spreading and spraying fertilizers

- localized and modulated spraying of phyto products

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Agricultural mapping

We offer mapping and plot survey services. Here are some examples of applications:

- Detection of diseases, waste, slugs

- Growth indices (NDVI, NDRE,...)

- evaluation of the effect of products, fertilizers, pesticides, agricultural tests, etc.

- counting of trees, vines, flowers, ears, fruits

- ...

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Topography, photogrammetry and 3D modeling

- Orthophotos, orthomosaic

- Digital Surface or Terrain Model DEM

- Autodesk CAD plans based on point clouds.

- Topographic surveys and contour lines.

- Photos, videos and 3D model for real estate companies

- ...

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We also work in partnership with surveyors to carry out precise measurement work.

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- solar panel analysis

- building insulation analysis 

 (exterior / interior)

- wildlife detection

- field irrigation analysis

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Aerial photos and videos

Outdoor and indoor

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Research and development

We are continuing our research;in partnership with many players in the agricultural world (UCLouvain, CRAW, Regenacterre, etc.)

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